Rebuilding the family farm after experiencing war is no easy task and I’m not sure it’s one the majority of service members would appreciate. For the young pups if you’re 18 and you want to be a farmer there are steps you can take and signing your life away to Uncle Sam isn’t on the list. However protecting our southern border should keep the adrenaline flowing in our young men. I mean we already declared war on drugs so maybe we just extend that to cartels and let our men in uniform liberate Juarez rather than Kyiv. Need to keep blood lusting young men occupied: check. Performance of a civic duty that can be reasonably construed to be a legitimate purvey of the federal government: check. Excuse for all the military R and D and ever increased spending: check. It’s win, win, win.

I jest. Well sort of. Mainly just about liberating Juarez, but if they ask real nice I’m open to it but they have to help build that wall afterwards. Forget that steel nonsense, it’s time to make architecture great again. If the Romans did it with Hadrian’s wall and the Chinese did it with The Great Wall then it seems like we should be able to do it and we could finance the wall with money confiscated from the cartels.

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In case no one has seen it, "Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence".

Odd film, but both Tom Conti, and David Bowie are surprisingly good.

I mainly recommend because of the haunting soundtrack by Ryuichi Sakamoto.

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Excellent commentary, Adrian, and an excellent film. Maybe we will watch it again here this weekend.

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I’d never heard of this film before! Sounds well worth checking out.

One of my favorite films that critiques war is The Americanization of Emily with Julia Andrews and the brilliant James Gardner playing a cynical pacifist & general’s go-for who specializes in getting him all kinds hard-to-find-during-war goodies and inadvertently ends up as “the first solider on Omaha beach.”

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