But, but... Covid changed everything, right? All that stuff about screen time that the pediatrician kept giving to me was no longer valid once a virus that hardly made children sick came through!

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Alas, if the parents are themselves screen addicted that is where the battle begins. Which brings to mind my disappointment back in the day with Andy Crouch’s book, Tech-Wise Family. He seemed to admit to his own less than stellar role-modeling as a GenX parent.

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Adrian, thank you for linking to the podcast, and also adding your own comments, especially about the need to provide alternative activities. Great stuff!

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the screen is a baby sitter replacement. but a very mean and cruel one.

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I am re-posting here my current comment on the article you crossed-posted written by J Twenge about the research on social media and kids:

I only had a passing awareness of QAnon in its heyday, but I believe one of the tenets was that the world was being run by an elite group of pedos. Now in our post-Epstein era there seems to be more than a grain of truth in that claim.

So about social media… on SubStack exists PITT in which parents share first person narratives of “losing their child to a cult” invariably discovered & reinforced online. There is a particularly horrific mom’s account of a 13 yo girl lured by “her crush” [a groomer/predator] into the dark web.

At the end of the day, outlets like WaPo, are basically collaborating in the destruction of our children by forces so dark they’re the stuff of nightmares.

Also on PITT is posted a way to show your opposition by attending an award winning [at least in Europe] documentary where children’s doctors and others speak out on gender “care.” In AMC theaters June 21: https://pitt.substack.com/p/affirmation-generation-the-definitive

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